Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said,
“The faithful, in their love for one another and in their having mercy for on another and in their kindness toward one another, are like on body; when a member of it ails (the parts of) the body call one another (to share the pain) through sleeplessness and fever”

Muis Zakat Financial Assistance

Alkaff Mosque Kg Melayu provides short term and supplementary help to alleviate the burden of the residents of Bedok Reservoir Road, under MUIS Zakat Financial Assistance. The determination of financial assistance is based on the findings made by our officers. Our officers will also arrange activities (e.g weekly religious class, health and financial management talks, etc) for Zakat recipients to gain beneficial knowledge and have a platform to share their woes. 



Join us as Befrienders!

Mosque Befrienders are volunteers who want to make a difference and enrich the lives of our Zakat recipients. When you join us as volunteers, not only will you contribute to our community, but also become part of a strong network of mosque friends who help each other in times of need.




For more enquiries, please call 62427244 or email Ms Shazwani directly at